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Share Price Projection

Use this page to project your entry/exit prices and the exepcted gains or losses. Back...

What is this?

This is a linear price calculator that shows the price and percentage milestones along the range of calculation. By laying out the intermediate prices and percentages, you can analyze the future potential price action to pick up on any possible bottlenecks along the way - e.g. whole number resistance - and also to plan other factors like stop-loss orders.

You can specify the entry and exit prices and move them around a little to optimize the return that you expect out of a trade while still keeping an eye on the risks involved and planning for stop-loss.

Key things to look out for:

  1. Percentage change so that it doesn't get out of hand -- e.g. Understand that while 17.50 appreciating to a price of 20.00 is possible, it represents around 14.3% increase in price. Compare that to the True Range of that share to understand the likely timeline for the target price.
  2. Amount change should tell you whether the trade is worth the risk or not. If your entry price is 67.3 and your exit is 68.1, that represents a 1.2% increase, which may be desired when your capital is more than 10,000 as it yields 120, but anything less than 5000 and end up with 60 which may be subject to commissions and taxes.
  3. Stop loss price can be calculated and visualized whether the trade goes for you or goes against you. You can see the intermediate prices going up and going down and base your decision on the potential return

OK, how do I use it?


  1. Set the current price and the amount of money that you're trading
  2. Select a range (you have 1%, 2% and 5% steps)
  3. Review the Entry and Exit arrows and optimize them
  4. Check the Results to see a summary of your return

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